Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet our stallholders- TIki D Clocks

Hi Everyone! Meet Darren from Tiki D clocks

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a singer/songwriter/musician who has lived in Nashville since 1997, with my wife Vickie.We moved  from the San Francisco Bay Area to be part of the music scene here. I'm currently finishing my first solo CD project, but have written many songs here in Nashville for the Country market (with some success...not much!) and also enjoy writing Jazz and Pop.

Have you always loved to create?
I've been singing since I was a small kid...also played the trumpet and then guitar. I've been writing songs for 30 years now. I've always loved learning about music...it's a life-long education. I love being in a recording studio..but I also really enjoy making my clocks here at home, too. It's all part of the creative world to me.

What is the creative process like for you?
 I've wanted to make my Vintage Album Clocks for some time...but only this year finally sat down and started to create them. I was inspired by a clock I had bought back in San Francisco in the early 90's at a local record shop. I've always wanted to make them and find the right market to sell them in. I really enjoy the history of music, so using albums from the 1950's and 1960's allows me to spread my love of the music to people who remember a favorite album from growing up....or exposing the beauty of the artwork to younger generations. I basically choose album covers that interest me, whether Rock, Jazz, Vinyl Vixens, Country, Exotica, and Christmas...I create them for fun then hope people will find a style they like. 

Where can we currently buy your creations?
I'm selling some on Ebay and ETSY. I have a site called tikidmusic.com that we're building ..for now it takes you to the Ebay store. I also have them in retail spots in Nashville at Simon Ripley's Music & Art, Katy K's Ranch Dressing, and Sam N Zoe's coffee house.

What is the story behind your business name?
Well, my wife started calling me Tiki D this year...due to my love of Tiki/Exotica music and culture. We discovered a great Tiki restaurant in Smyrna called the Omni Hut last year. They are celebrating 50 years in business, and I hope to sell some clocks there. It's the only Tiki spot in Tenn.. I'm planning to advertise my Tiki/Exotica clocks in Tiki Magazine. I have Tiki D Music and Tiki D Clocks. 

where do you get inspiration from?
From all the great music I grew up on...and the cool factor of the album covers....record companies put a lot of thought into design in those days...they are quite an art form just as covers. I use albums from my personal collection, as well as those I find at thrift stores and from friends. I have several hundred at the moment...many will become clocks.

What is your favorite blog?
don't really blog much, to be honest.

and just for fun, what is your favorite picture book?
maybe a book I have on Alfred Hitchcock's films in California, like The Birds, Vertigo. 

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